What is Krill Oil?

By | July 16, 2013

What is krill oil?
Ever wondered why krill oil is receiving so much attention and what it is used for? Krill oil is made from krill – a tiny ocean crustacean resembling a shrimp that is the primary food of baleen whales and other animals that filter their food from seawater – and is used as a health supplement because it has 3 main components that are very beneficial to health. These components are omega-3 fatty acids, which are very similar to those found in fish oil, antioxidant type nutrients, and phospholipids that help with the absorption of omega in the body.

Benefits of Krill Oil
This type of oil is very beneficial in helping with high cholesterol which in turn helps with the functionality of the heart and cardiovascular system. This oil also has been proven to help with brain activity, such as functions including focus and memory, which are driven by DHA omega 3. This is why this type of oil has been linked to helped people manage ADHD due to the focus improvement and also in Alzheimer’s suffers as it helps with memory. It is also useful to help reduce the effect of diabetes as it helps manage the levels of glucose in the body. Low phospholipid levels in the brain is also linked to depression so can help as these are vital to help the functionality of serotonin receptors.

Krill Oil for Dogs
This type of supplement is not just aimed towards humans – there are also dog supplements that can be used to improve dogs’ health, just in the same way as it is used to help humans. Krill oil for dogs is usually taken in pill form and mixed with food. Salmon oil for dogs is another supplement with similar properties and these supplements are used because of their helpful properties.

Do you give this to your dog?