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Is olive oil good for dogs?

Giving olive oil to dogs is not a bulletproof canine nutrition strategy. On the one hand, nutritional value of olive oil is not completely proved for dogs, although olive oil can be given to dogs to treat occasional digestion or coat issues. On the other hand, olive oil can cause side effects that might even… Read More »

Olive oil and dog’s skin

If your dog is suffering from dry skin you should examine its’ diet thoroughly. What you feed your dog with may be generally of low quality or unbalanced. In particular, make sure the products you feed your dogs are wheat-free, because many dogs are sensitive to wheat. In general, grain-fed cattle produces meat that contains… Read More »

Olive oil and dog’s coat

Olive oil is a powerful source of vegetable fats. While it may be not too effective in terms of providing your dog with essential omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil is often used by dog owners as a food additive. It is generally observed that olive oil improves dog’s coat. Some dog owners that had complaints… Read More »

General info on Olive Oil For Dogs

Olive oil for dogs Some dog owners are feeding their dogs olive oil, regarding it as a food supplement. Olive oil is undoubtedly valuable for humans, and is essential for a healthy and sustainable human diet, but dogs have different processes in their bodies and might not benefit from the same things their owners would.… Read More »