Olive oil and dog’s coat

By | March 11, 2012

Olive oil is a powerful source of vegetable fats. While it may be not too effective in terms of providing your dog with essential omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil is often used by dog owners as a food additive.

It is generally observed that olive oil improves dog’s coat. Some dog owners that had complaints about their dogs shedding too much hair, have started adding around a teaspoon of olive oil to their dogs’ meals and have noticed improvement.

Healthy dog coat as a result of proper nutritionIn any case, healthy-looking, glossy and strong dog’s coat is largely dependent on good nutrition. Adding some olive oil to your dog’s diet could improve its’ coat, although please note that addition of olive oil alone won’t improve your dog’s diet. If there are general flaws in your pet’s nutrition, they won’t be fixed by plain olive oil addition. So get in touch with a veterinarian and find out the best diet for your dog, depending on its’ size, breed and age.

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