How to Clean Puppy: In-Between Bath Time Tips

By | April 8, 2013

because of homosexity?When I bought my pug one of the questions I asked was. How often should I bath her?

Over bathing puppies or adult dogs can lead to dried out skin or coat. Something having to, do with striping off your dog’s natural oils. Since my pug is a house dog, I give her a bath no more than once or twice a week. My pug is still a puppy, and I noticed the first time I gave her a bath, she likes it, and looks forward to taking one every time. Maybe it has to do with the water in the tub, but I think that pugs just like being around water. So, if we shouldn’t give too many baths for our dogs. How do we get rid of that dreaded doggy odor?

Well, I say we can wipe them clean, just like a baby!  Using this.

  1. Puppy Cleansing Wipes: I use these and my pug looks forward to getting a massage every time. I use “Yummies Cleansing wipes for Puppies” in light Cotton Candy fragrance. They are formulated, to prevent from, stripping your dog’s natural oils.

Just like us humans not all fragrances or perfumes go well with our chemistry. I like to use light fragrances for my dog, close to babies smell as possible. Like baby powder or natural fruity and candy smells. More flavor, delicious fragrances than the heavy smell of Perfume.

NOTE: I also recommend using baby wipes, these are safe for puppies too. Try to find one that is all natural or organic for babies and you could probably get more for paying less, than the puppy cleansing wipes.

  1. Start with Wiping Paws first: Then start with a clean wipe and work your way up puppy legs, then under, and then up the body. Don’t forget around neck area and last, with a clean wipe, wipe your dog’s face. Wipe gently in and around wrinkles and folds of face, if your dog has some of these, like my pug. It may take several baby wipes to clean your puppy and may take more depending on the size of your dog. Good to check ears at this time for unwanted guest (bugs, critters, ticks).
  1. Groom your puppy after cleansing: just like you would after bath time. Sometimes it may be difficult to get your puppy to keep still. Depending on the age of your puppy, I use training treats to help keep my puppy still, long enough to wipe. Just don’t over feed, I say give about 3 treats, is fine. Try sitting on the floor on a towel with puppy. Soon enough In-Between Bath Time can also be rewarding for both you and your puppy. In time your puppy will grow and will look forward to having a pet massage Spa like Retreat with you.

Written by Jennifer Andrade pug owner and blogger. Get in touch with Jennifer:

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