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Peppermint Oil For Dogs Breath

Peppermint Oil For Dogs Breath One of the most effective essential oils for dogs breath is peppermint. It can be used in many ways, from putting it in the water bowl to diffusing it over the dog’s body. Its potent properties make it ideal for reducing allergy symptoms in dogs. Other benefits of peppermint oil… Read More »

Dogs and Carpet: Simple Tips for Clean Carpets

We love our pets, but they do a number on our carpets and furniture. It seems like a never ending battle dealing with dog hair. We also have the extra challenge of keeping muddy paws and other stains at bay. Since they can’t wipe their feet or take off their shoes, we sometimes get dirt… Read More »

Choosing the Right Seattle Dog Boarding Facility

Vacation time—hurrah! But maybe it’s not a hurrah for your pet, if he’s going into boarding while you take it easy. Sadly, for many Seattle dog owners, it can be a challenge locating a safe, clean and healthy environment to leave your dog while you’re away. Before you check your pet into a boarding kennel,… Read More »

The Cost Of Adoption of A Shelter Dog

image courtesy of We are all compassionate about homeless dogs kept in shelters and whenever we see an add calling for a dog adoption, most of us seriously consider doing it. Many people actually adopt a dog with best intentions, hoping to give it another chance and a new home. However, not everyone acknowledges… Read More »

Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Dogs

Cod liver oil is really an all natural fish oil that supplies the omega 3 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, in addition to naturally occurring degrees of D and Vitamin A. The omega 3’s in cod liver oil helps maintain: joint health cardiovascular health skin and coat health visual development brain health energy generation… Read More »