General Info On Salmon Oil As Dog Food Supplement

By | March 14, 2012

Salmon Oil As Dog Food Supplement

Salmon oil is a fairly good and commonly available food supplement for dogs. Salmon, just as many other cold water fish species, is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, so salmon oil is conveniently packed into capsules and sold by many manufacturers.

Salmon oil is given to dogs on all occasions any other omega-3 food supplement would be given:

  • To balance out omega-6 dominated diet  that is causing inflammatory processes;
  • For arthritis relief in aging dogs;
  • For better brain functions development in puppies;
  • During periods of shedding and teeth and nails decline to help maintain healthy, glossy skin and fur, strong nails and teeth;
  • To improve the immune system and heart functioning.

Since today most of the cattle is grain-fed, their meat contains much more omega-6 fatty acids then it naturally should (as opposed to natural, grass-fed cattle). Keeping that in mind one can say that it is necessary to supplement omega 3 fatty acids to dogs. Fish oil, and salmon oil in particular, is a good and conventional omega 3 source for dogs, but krill oil is even more effective than that, as it contains a higher concentration of fatty acids, as well as other extremely important nutrients such as astaxantin.

Salmon oil for dogs vs fish oil for dogs?

There are various brands producing “salmon oil” dog food supplement, and it’s generally cheaper then the “fish oil” type of supplements, although works the same way. Logically speaking it is the same thing chemically, although could be produced from cheaper sources, that is why its’ price is usually lower.

Do you give this to your dog?