Dogs and Carpet: Simple Tips for Clean Carpets

By | April 7, 2013

Dogs and Carpet: Simple Tips for Clean Carpets

We love our pets, but they do a number on our carpets and furniture. It seems like a never ending battle dealing with dog hair. We also have the extra challenge of keeping muddy paws and other stains at bay. Since they can’t wipe their feet or take off their shoes, we sometimes get dirt and germs that we don’t want on our carpets.

Here are our tips to keep your carpets clean with dogs:

  • When coming inside, wipe off your dogs paws. This will make sure there isn’t anything on them that can get on the carpets. Also, if it’s raining outside, wipe them off with a dry towel before letting them in the living room. This will help keep the transfer of odors to a minimum.
  • Use a baking soda sprinkle to keep carpets smelling fresh. You can find carpet cleaners with baking soda or just grab a box and sprinkle. Let set for a few minutes and then vacuum. Make sure you put your pet in another room until you finish.
  • Take care of “accidents” immediately. Before the odor and stain has a chance to set, clean it up. This will take care of the problem. Make sure that you are using special pet cleaning products or DIY remedies that will mask the odor from them. They may be tempted to go in the same spot again. If you can’t take care of it immediately, do not use a hot water carpet cleaner as it may set the stain and odor in the carpet. Dampen the spot and use the appropriate pet friendly cleaners.
  • Brush your pet often and groom them during their shedding times. This will drastically reduce the amount of hair and dander that gets into your carpets.

Remember, when cleaning, use products that are marked “Pet Friendly or Safe for Pets”. Using harsh chemicals on the carpet can transfer to their paws and can ultimately be ingested and harmful for your pooch. Also, when you have a professional come in to clean for you, make sure they use green methods that are safe for pets and your family.

About the author:

“Martin Sanchez is the owner of All Points Carpet Care – a family and pet friendly carpet cleaning company.”



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