Dog diabetes: be aware of the danger.

By | February 15, 2013

Dog diabetes: be aware of the danger.

Dogs, just like humans, often suffer from diabetes. The most comon dog diabetic diseases is mellitus, or ‘sugar diabetes’. Once a dog becomes 6 years old, it gets into the diabetes risk group. In fact several breed are more likely to get the disease: German Shepherds, Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers and Poodels.

Dog diabetes is caused by an out-of-tune production of insulin in the pancreas. This condition is usually caused by a wide range of factors, including dog’s nutrition and lifestyle. So if your dog urinates too often and drinks a lot of water, at the same time losing weight, you might want to check sugar level in its’ blood and urine. Consult a veterinarian and express your concerns, see what he/she has to say. Even if your dog has diabetes, it can still lead an active healthy life with insulin injections and dietary control.

Interestingly enough, cats can also get diabetes-like disease, that is similar to type 2 diabetes in humans. Most often cat diabetes is a result of modern-day pet nutrition: dry foods are full of starch and carbohydrates, while cats require a protein-ch, raw meat diet to be healthy. Although cats are a different story, same applies to dogs, fish, reptiles or any other small pets: do your research about your pet’s optimal diet and follow all the rules that nature has set. Do not settle for universal store-bought “fast-food” for your pets, because that may lead to your loved ones getting various diseases that could have been avoided with natural nutrition.

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