Care for your aging dog

By | April 18, 2013

When you make the important decision to bring a dog into your family, a dog’s health care is important.

Puppies will need to go to the veterinarian for shots often during the first year.  As your puppy becomes an adult it will need routine vet check ups and booster shots.

As your dog gets older, he will require a little more care from you and your veterinarian.

As my Australian cattle dog got older he become stiff and had trouble getting around like he once did.

Part of the care at home should including making precautions to ensure his safety.  You older dog may need reminders to eat and use the bathroom (if housebroken before).

Older dogs are more susceptible to problems such as diabetes, dental disease, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, chronic vomiting or diarrhea and cancer.

Most dogs are considered senior when they are about five to seven years of age.

Veterinary care for your senior dog might become a bit more extensive at his routine check ups.  Some veterinarians may choose to do some blood work, check his urine and take x-rays if deemed necessary.  You vet may also suggest a change in his diet.  Most changes in your dogs behavior could be a sign of a health problem.  If this is a concern to you, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian.

Do you give this to your dog?