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Krill Oil For Dogs has been launched in 2012 to provide information on krill oil as a dog food supplement, as well as information on other dog food supplements and substances. This is done with no relation to any brand or manufacturer.

KrillOilForDogs.Com was created with a goal of promoting better understanding of principles of dog diet and is meant to give information to all dog lovers out there. We at KrillOilForDogs.Com ourselves love dogs and want our pets to have long and healthy lifes. As a result we accumulate information on dog food supplements and dog dietary rules, to be able to provide best nutrition for our dogs.

Please note that although we are very interested in dog health and nutrition, we are not veterinarians, and this site is not meant to give any veterinarian or medical advice. The information placed on the side is gathered through research at various sources, or is based on personal experience of dog breeding. We suggest consulting a veterinarian before making any dietary decisions about your pets.

Please feel free to share information you have found alike and leave comments, thus contributing to the dog food supplements knowledgebase. KrillOilForDogs.Com is happy to provide information for any dog enthusiasts!

Feel Free to contact us and share your findings or concerns!



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