3 Great Raw Dog Food Ideas and Tips to Make Sure You Get it Right

By | July 6, 2014

Get started in the world of raw dog food with these combos that are sure to please any pooch palate. A bit of research, a scoop of common sense and a dash of dietary supplements are all you need to create the healthiest diet possible for your canine pal.

raw dog food

Your dog can be very healthy on a raw diet

Healthy dog food is easier than you may think.

Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

Combo #1 Ground Beef, Rice & Eggs

In a large bowl, mix fresh beef, cooked rice and hard boiled eggs. Opt for nutrient-packed wild rice if it fits into your budget. Crush the whole hard boiled egg, including shell, into the mix to deliver every molecule of health.

Combo #2 Chicken, Black Beans & Eggs

Filet and dice chicken meat. Mix in black beans and crushed hard boiled eggs.

Combo #3 Steak, Spinach & Eggs

You can disguise the spinach by chopping it extra fine and adding just a tiny dash of salt. Cube the steak and crush the hard boiled eggs, then toss everything together.

raw dog food

Most dogs enjoy raw food

The beauty of raw dog food is that you don’t have to limit the menu. Dogs will eat most any type of raw meat and in most cases that is perfectly healthy. Practice caution when choosing meats and opt for the freshest possible. Your pooch is not a garbage disposal.

Leafy greens are just as good for your dog as they are for you. Unfortunately, it can prove difficult to get some dogs to devour veggies, and some plants pose specific health risks. Nutrient dense greens like spinach blend well into dog meals, and are typically safe for any breed.

Embarking upon a raw dog food lifestyle is easier when you include your pooch in your grocery planning. Like humans, dogs are omnivores and they thrive on a balanced and varying diet. Have no fear when choosing different types of cuts of meat; it’s all good food for dogs.

Raw Dog Food Recipes Homemade – Tips for Success

While the sky is the limit for canine raw food chefs, a properly balanced diet is the most important factor to consider. That’s how dog food companies came into existence in the first place; they did the scientific evaluation and formulated a recipe that satisfied the nutritional needs of most dogs. Science has since advanced further, and now consumers feel empowered with the information needed to provide healthy dog food to their pets on their own.

If you’re up to the raw dog food challenge, keep in mind that it takes more effort than ripping open a bag to pour kibble into a bowl. Follow these tips and please the pups every time.

Tip #1

Yes, it is a raw menu, but cook the eggs and rice. Dogs cannot digest raw rice. The grains will fill them up, but their bodies will not absorb any nutrients. Raw eggs will not hurt your dog; however, certain enzymes in the egg whites prohibit absorption of key vitamins. Keep the shells, too. Eggshells are heavy with calcium and other minerals that your hound needs. Just make sure to crush them finely enough not to cut.

Tip #2

Chicken bones, and other bones, are just fine as long as they are raw. Chicken bones are mythically dangerous because, after the cooking process, the brittle bones shatter into jagged pieces when broken. The microscopic jagged edges cause tearing in the digestive system. Avoid injury by serving raw bones. Ease your anxiety about serving raw bones by crushing them in a food processor beforehand.

Tip #3

Healthy dog food sometimes means adding supplements. Unless you do some incredible research and understand the exact measurements of crucial nutrients your dog needs, it might be wise to rely on a supplement. There are many available on the market to fit any need, and they span the gamut from basic to complex. They work wonderfully, especially if your dog is a junk food junky and relies on flavor to motivate eating.

“Raw dog food means bacteria, so wash and dry the bowl after every feeding.”

Tip #4

Plan ahead and keep everything clean. Raw food means bacteria, so wash and dry the bowl after every feeding. The same goes for preparation. If you have space in your fridge, invest in a set of containers and portion out each meal after you make a bulk batch. That way, there is much less mess and less of a chance of cross contamination.

You eat fresh food. Extend the same courtesy to your pet. You’ll find it surprising how many different dishes you can come up with for your pooch in the raw dog food realm, and their tail wags will forever thank you.

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